Patient Testimonials

We value our patients’ experience. If you are a Berry Hill Chiropractic patient, please complete our Client Experience Questionnaire. We’d love your feedback! We may even include it on the website, with your permissions, of course.

Everyone at Berry Hill Chiropractic treats us like family. I cannot explain how much better I feel after being treated there. I also take advantage of the nutritionists on the staff. Everyone is just amazing! Morey. Nashville, TN
I love coming in. Everyone on the staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. The tingling in my hands has completely gone away and I am much more flexible – particularly in my neck. Thanks for everything!
I started with seeing Dr. Barnett after driving from Nevada to Nashville. If I told you how I really feel about her, I would say that I believe her to be a blessing. I needed help and I prayed for guidance… I ended up at Berry Hill Chiropractic. I now see Dr. Patel also and have just recently seen Dr. Schum. I’ve had chiropractic care off and on for approximately 30 years and had one very unpleasant experience in that time. I was a bit concerned at the idea of getting the help that I needed. I say that Dr. Barnett is a blessing because she LISTENS and I truly believe that her goal is to help and heal as much as possible. My experience with Dr. Patel and Dr. Schum is the same…. this place in not just a business, it is my belief that all who work at Berry Hill truly care about providing the best care possible for healing. All who work there have been friendly and courteous, I have so very much appreciated their helpful attitudes. I am healing.
My feet are so much better than they were 2 years ago!! I never would have expected this much improvement and am looking forward to the day I can walk without pain or ibuprofin.
Always great service from the front desk, to the doctor and massage therapists. We are treated like family with a personal interest taken regarding our well-being and respect for our comfort. Cece. Nashville, TN
The first time I had extreme back pain was when I went to pick up a lamp. I heard something pop in my mid-back. The pain radiated to my chest and I could hardly breathe. I thought I might have to go to the hospital because I was not sure if it was a lung or a heart problem. A friend told me about Dr. Barnett. She did a thorough exam and determined that I had a rib out of place. After the 1st treatment I could breathe better and was able to get a full night’s sleep. Within 3 days, I was pain free. Dr B. and her staff knew just what to do.
I have been going to Dr. B since 1985 for a wide variety of problems….from headaches and sinuses to foot pain. Dr. B always gets me feeling better. Great doctor, great staff, and great care.
I had struggled with back pain for over 2 years; it was like a knife or sharp finger pressing into my lower back. I was getting no relief from therapy and medicines from orthopedic institutions, and I was disheartened to say the least. A friend convinced me to go and see Dr. Barnett She rescued me from a miserable experience that was very depressing. Real life brings pain, and I personally need someone that doesn’t just think about the drugs, scalpel, and physical therapy. I have had knee and shoulder surgery and know that there are no guarantees with back surgery. After an x-ray and evaluation of my medical history Dr. Barnett knew exactly what to do. She is a natural teacher and showed me what was causing my pain. I had favored my right side for so long that my vertebrae were encroaching on my nervous system causing swelling and pain. After 10 days of treatment, I felt 25 years old with no back pain. Then Dr. B prescribed special insoles for my shoes which balanced my step so I can walk with a more equal gait. My spine stays in better alignment, so no more pain! I must say I didn’t respect chiropractors because I had heard that the orthopedic doctors were more advanced and gave better care. I found out that not only is chiropractic care respectable, but it is more advanced than many orthopedics would lead you to believe. When you are in pain and someone takes it away and helps prevent it from returning, you become a believer. Another important fact is that Dr. B and her staff are professional and considerate in every way from the front office to the therapists in the back. They have all improved my life and I am eternally grateful.
I’ve been going to Dr. Barnett for almost a decade now, and not only has she helped me when no one else could, but she offers her patients a level of care that is all too rare: It’s personal and that matters. I recommend Dr. B to anyone and everyone.Lydia H. Nashville, TN